Think Not That I Am Come To Destroy The Law, or The Prophets, I Am Not Come To Destroy But To Fulfil

Above are the expressions of Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) from Matthew 5:17 in the King James Version of The Holy Scriptures, and just recently I have been clashing with a sinister Judaiser who more than once utilized this refrain from Matthew’s Gospel and the one that follows it for example Matthew 5:18 to attempt to demonstrate that The Law and The Commandments are as yet

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endless supply of God children and little girls of God. LLC

Matthew 5:17-18 (KJV) Think not that I am come to obliterate The Law, or The Prophets: I am not come to annihilate, yet to satisfy. 18 For verily I say unto you, Till paradise and earth pass, one scribble or one bit will in no savvy pass from The Law, till all be satisfied.

Frankly, I have consistently discovered these Holy Scriptures to be a slight thistle in my tissue. The justification this is that they can too effectively be manhandled and abused and along these lines utilized in an exceptionally bad sense to help the wrong wicked thoughts of Graceless blasphemers who need to return children and girls of God under The Law of Moses – The Commandments.

We should comprehend that these outward show decree guardians (those of the 21st century Pharisee concision) genuinely accept there is salvation in Moses. They will deny it, obviously, for what might feel like forever, yet that changes nothing. That is the thing that they accept and they just at any point offer empty talk to His Grace. They accept salvation is in acquiescence to The Law – The Commandments and not through living under Yashua Messiah’s (the Lord Jesus Christ’s) Glorious Saving Grace.

In this way, we should investigate what Yashua Messiah was saying here in these sections – the initial assertion first:

“Think not that I am come to obliterate The Law, or The Prophets.”

Also, from the Greek MSS transliteral:

Matthew 5:17 (Greek Transliteral) No ye-ought to be-gathering that I-came to-down-free the law or the before-averers (prophets) not I-came to-down-free but rather to-fill.

I will be getting back to one vital word here later.

Also, from Young’s Literal Translation:

Matthew 5:17 (YLT) Do not assume that I came to tossed down the law and the prophets – I didn’t come to toss down, yet to satisfy.

I have utilized the YLT form here in light of the fact that I accept the words ‘toss down’ are more precise and distinct than the KJV word ‘obliterate’, and on the grounds that Yashua Messiah isn’t a destroyer. Satan The Devil is The Destroyer, not Yashua Messiah. We along these lines gain from this that Yashua Messiah didn’t come to toss down The Law and The Prophets nor get rid of them or what they addressed, and for what reason would He? He was under The Law Himself and were The Prophets not His couriers in Old Covenant (Testament) times and did they not maintain The Law? Didn’t Yashua Messiah Himself train Moses about The Law and mention to him what to record over a time of forty days and forty evenings? Doesn’t Paul additionally make everything understood?

Lady 3:24-26 (KJV) Wherefore The Law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we may be legitimized by Faith (nobility). 25 But after that Faith is come, we are not, at this point under a schoolmaster (The Law). 26 For ye are on the whole the youngsters (children) of God by Faith in Christ Jesus. (Sections and accentuation mine)

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